Cecil & Bubba meet the Thang Audio-Book

cbmttaudlogoCecil & Bubba meet the Thang Read by Gene Blake. Cecil McGee and Turner “Bubba” Teague return in their first full-length adventure! The cursed slacker rednecks were introduced in the pages of the horror collection, What Price Gory, in the story “Cecil and Bubba Meet a Succubus”. In that tale, Cecil and Bubba accidentally killed the dog of Rosalita, a drunken gypsy. She cursed them:

“You shall be plagued by the strange and evil until the end of your days….”

Soon after that run-in, Cecil and Bubba hired onto a paranormal investigation of a local haunted house to earn some extra cash. During that investigation, the two discovered that Rosalita had not been just whistling Dixie! They ended up tangling with a nasty succubus and the boys barely escaped with their lives and souls.

In this follow-up novella, Cecil and Bubba spend what they think will be an uneventful Halloween night at McGee’s Gas, Garage, and 24 Hour Convenience center, until they are joined by a new and unlikely ally. Soon after that, a pair of FBI agents brings a van in for emergency service work. The agents are hauling a weird cargo and Rosalita’s curse soon causes an ancient evil to rise and walk the Earth once more. Cecil and Bubba find themselves not only fighting for their lives, but for the very planet as well. Can our two heroes prevail over the horror of THE THANG? Prepare yourself for a close encounter of the horrifying and hilarious kind!

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