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“Terry M. West lays down his own rebellious medium with a dark picture of the future if man can’t get along and continues to keep on the blinders.”-Chad Lutze, Stirring the Sheets


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Enter GATE 4!

Beneath a dead, forgotten city in North Central Texas, an ancient evil strengthens. Guarded by a collection of monsters, demons, and freaks of nature, Gate 4 is our only defense. As long as its dark keepers remain on our side.

Gate 4 is a new serial novel by Terry M. West and it features numerous characters and monsters from his dark fiction universe. READ IT!


“It is a wonderful tale told in the form of a screenplay, a sultry and lurid screenplay. Oozing character and harking back to the heyday of 80’s horror. Gore, skin, sex, drugs and a broken hero you can root for, Dead Aware has it all.”-Zachary Walters, The Eyes of Madness

Before the GATE 4 series, there was DEAD AWARE. Dunlavey, the broken “P.I. with a third eye”, exists in the dark shadows of New York City. Stricken by a sex magic ritual gone awry, an attempt to open his third eye, Dunlavey is cursed with horrifying visions and glimpses of hell itself. He uses this dark gift to assist the NYPD with any case that is deemed occult or unusual in nature. Constantly on a bad acid trip, Dunlavey drowns his pain in booze, drugs, and dangerous women. In DEAD AWARE, transients are being heinously killed and reassembled in a way that Dunlavey has never seen in his researches. As Dunlavey is drawn into the case, he soon realizes that the killer is aware of him, and able to strike out at him through his visions. Available now!

Time to get GRUESOME!

You never know what to expect from Terry M. West. A horror author who has delivered the scares for three decades, West chases his dark muse in any direction it goes. Old school creature feature, psychological horror, suspense, B-Movie cheese, humor, dystopia, and extreme horror so dark that it will leave a mark inside– West refuses categorization. But the one constant to his work: it is always one Hell of a ride. GRUESOME: A Gathering of Nightmares, collects some of his best fiction. Included in this 150,000 word collection: Don’t the Monsters All Get Scarier at Closing Time, Honger, Morsel, Turning Face, Picaro, It Makes You Sad, The Rose Man, Southern-Fried Hex (featuring the brand new tale, Cecil & Bubba meet a Drunk Gypsy), Hair and Blood Machine, Honger 2, All of the Flesh Served.

Includes an introduction by the one and only Hunter Shea.

The older tales presented in Gruesome have been re-edited, polished, and in some cases expanded with all new material. Read it!

Night Things TV Series in Development!

Joel Eisenberg and Steve Hillard’s Council Tree Productions (“The Chronicles of Ara,” “Then Again with Herbie J Pilato”) has acquired Night Things by Terry M. West to develop as a one-hour weekly horror/drama series.

A book series that began in 2013, Night Things imagines a world where monsters exist side by side with humanity. New York City has become a macabre melting pot. Vampires, werewolves, zombies and ghouls are now the new immigrants and they are chasing the American dream. The Night Things have become part of the system. Iconic “classic monsters” portray crime lords, pornographers, cult leaders, and street hustlers. New York City is run by Frankenstein’s Monster (Johnny Stücke). The Night Things fear Stücke and this dread is the only thing that keeps the city from being devoured.

With a liberal dose of violence, gore, and sexual content, Night Things is closer in tone to Breaking Bad and The Sopranos than Penny Dreadful.

“I envisioned Night Things as a TV series after I finished the first book,” Terry says. “I’m thrilled that Joel and Council Tree Productions see its potential. I’m very excited and grateful that my pitch will land on the desks of decision makers at major networks/streaming services. It’s a great opportunity and we are all working hard on it.”

Says Eisenberg: “Night Things is a blast. Council Tree opened the door to independent authors and we’ve been fortunate to discover true talents like Terry M.West. As a fan of Universal monster classics, what Terry has done to reinvent and, in some cases rejuvenate, these legendary creatures is in a class by itself. We’re anxious to get this one going.”

Council Tree Productions is jointly-owned by Eisenberg and Hillard, the latter owner of Council Tree Investors, a private equity firm responsible for developing, or advising on, several billion dollars in telecom investments, including Telemundo.

Night Things will be pitched to executives in the last quarter of 2017.