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Servant of the Red Quill

Servant of the Red Quill

Available January 2nd, 2015. Pre-order it now!

In this exciting sequel to The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed, psychical researcher Baker Johnson returns. The year is 1927. The place is New York city. Baker Johnson is reluctantly pulled into a case involving a troubled family in Yonkers. Jeremiah Simms, a wealthy collector of haunted objects, has acquired a rare tome penned by the infamous Marquis de Sade. Titled Servant of the Red Quill, this cursed book unleashes an evil spirit that threatens to destroy the Simms family. Baker must face a cunning and powerful demon to save the innocent. But the deadliest demons of this battle lie within Baker. This is a brand new Baker Johnson tale. Servant of the Red Quill is an 11,000 word novelette.

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