If you would like to contact Terry, please email him at

It is okay to contact him for:

Pricing and availability for signed books. Just specify title and your location for a quote.

Any information regarding Too Much Weird Press

To invite him to submit to your project.

To inquire about securing an option or a reprint.

To ask a general question about horror publishing.

To ask about a story of his.

What he would prefer you didn’t e-mail him about:

Questions regarding how much money he makes/how many copies of books he sells (that’s none of your business).

Trading book reviews (he doesn’t do that).

Buying books to manipulate the sales rank (nope).

Collaborations (he has his own stuff to write).

Requests for his home address.

We don’t mean to sound grumpy about this. Terry is one of the nicest guys in the business you’ll meet. But unfortunately, numerous e-mails of this nature have made it necessary to post this.