Hair and Blood Machine

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“Dark, sadistic, twisted, demented, disturbing, and with an ending that holds no punches. This my friends is a horror masterpiece…” -Joey’s Horror Corner

“So it’s a love story then? Well if you regard love as dark, twisted and violently vengeful then this is the sort of romance that will appeal to you – it certainly appealed to me.”-Stuart Anderson, UK Horrorscene

HAIR AND BLOOD MACHINE is a horror novelette from critically-acclaimed author Terry M. West. It is a romance from the heart of hell. Johnny Brendan is a small town youth recovering from the loss of his parents. After suffering a psychotic breakdown, Johnny tries to rebuild his life and sanity. He goes to a carnival where he meets Cleadosia, The Gorilla Girl. Clea is a beautiful but hard and cold carnie with her own secrets. Clea sees the dark potential in Johnny, and she helps him unleash his violent inner demons on the town. This is being offered as a preview of the short story collection, A PSYCHO’S MEDLEY, currently available on Amazon Kindle.

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