Guest Flash Fiction: My Valentine’s Day Ball by Donna Marie West

[This is a special Valentine’s Day piece of flash fiction by talented author, Donna Marie West (no blood relation). It is my pleasure to post it here on my site as a guest piece of flash fiction.-TMW]

I surveyed the ballroom full of fancy dress guests, pleased as punch, as they say, at the response to the invitations for my Valentine’s Day Ball. I’d sent them out to everyone in town over the age of consent – lovely what one can do with the internet these days – but I hadn’t been entirely convinced that this strategy would work.

Gliding in my four-inch stilettos and virginal white gown across the polished floor, I slipped casually between my guests. I’d spared no expense, renting this mansion for the occasion and hiring the best – actually the only – catering firm in town. The ballroom was exquisitely decorated with fragrant bouquets of giant white snowdrops and yellow winter jasmine, and hanging silver chandeliers holding red taper candles. Chocolate fondue and champagne fountains spewed their riches in three corners of the room. In the fourth corner, a six-piece orchestra played atmospheric music. I’d gone overboard with the whole thing, of course, but that was the fun of it. I offered nods, discreet smiles, and champagne the likes of which most of the guests had surely never had the pleasure of tasting. They smiled back, curious, perhaps, as to why they’d been invited to such an extravagant event, but happy to accept my offerings, no idea who I was or what I desired.

Yet I knew exactly what I wanted.

Eventually I found him, sipping bubbly and chatting up some forgettable young woman in a blue strapless gown with far too much crinoline.

He was perfect – tall, lean, and thirtyish, with dark blond hair hanging on his broad forehead, and eyes the color of the deep ocean. His tuxedo fitted him as though he had been poured into it.

“Come,” I said gently, extending my hand and drawing him toward me.

He excused himself from his clueless companion, set his glass on a nearby table, and gladly followed me outside to the terrace.

Without even asking his name, I took him in my arms, sinking my fangs into his delectable neck. He made a small, hushed sound as his sweet, warm blood flowed into my parched mouth.

He shuddered and drooped against me as his life drained from his body, but I had no intention of letting his mortal soul go to heaven or hell, or wherever it might go upon death. With one flick of an elegantly filed fingernail, I opened the cephalic vein in my left hand and pressed it to his bloodless blue lips. He moaned and turned his head away in a useless attempt at resistance, but the seductive scent of my immortal blood swayed him, as was inevitably the case. He began to suckle, weakly at first, then more resolutely.

“Enough,” I whispered after thirty seconds, carefully withdrawing my hand. The laceration was already closing, as were the puncture wounds on his neck.

He smiled and ran his tongue along his now crimson lips. “More . . . please,” he crooned.

I smiled back.

He was a keeper, all right – at least until next year’s town and next year’s ball.

AUTHOR BIO: Donna Marie West is a Canadian educator, translator and author. Since first sending her work out into the world in 2003, she has published well over one hundred fiction and non-fiction pieces for children and adults in a variety of Canadian and American magazines, including WHAT IF?, SUNDAY@SIX, HORSEPOWER, OUR LITTLE FRIEND, MYSTERIES MAGAZINE, GUARDIAN ANGEL KIDS and BEYOND CENTAURI. She is also a contributor to the recent anthologies SCARLET WHISPERS, DEATH AWAITS, IN SHAMBLES and THE GRAYS. She loves learning and teaching, and is fascinated by everything mysterious and unexplained. Of course Halloween is her favorite holiday! She spends most of her free time reading, writing, doing research for current projects, and revising her first young adult novel. Check Donna out on Facebook!

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