Cecil & Bubba meet a Succubus

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Say hello to Cecil McGee and Turner “Bubba” Teague. These two Southern slackers go and get themselves cursed by a drunk gypsy, and then they hire on to a paranormal investigation to make the rent. Soon they are haunted by a seductive demon and all hell breaks loose!

Here is what some fine upstanding folks have said about our heroes:

“…my two new favorite fictional characters…”-Michael Donner, CREEPERCAST.COM

“Cecil and Bubba Meet a Succubus combines horror and comedy so well that I find myself returning to it.”-Dale Herring, GEEKDOM OF GORE

“Fantastic and very cool tale that’ll make you want to sit down, fire up that old computer and play Redneck Rampage again and again!”-Author, Robin Dover

Cecil & Bubba ad

Cecil & Bubba ad

“The two main characters are hilarious, and I loved the clever plot twist at the end. I’m so glad West will be writing more stories featuring this great pair of characters.”-Author, Lexa Cain

This story is just one of the dark tales featured in West’s critically-acclaimed collection, WHAT PRICE GORY. CECIL & BUBBA MEET A SUCCUBUS is part of the Single Shot Short Story series which adds exclusive story notes and bonus content that you can only find in the Single Shot Story Series!

The bonuses for this story include the twisted holiday poem, CECIL & BUBBA MEET SANTA, and exclusive story notes explaining the origins and inspiration behind the not so dynamic duo of Cecil & Bubba!

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