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Guest Flash Fiction: My Valentine’s Day Ball by Donna Marie West

[This is a special Valentine’s Day piece of flash fiction by talented author, Donna Marie West (no blood relation). It is my pleasure to post it here on my site as a guest piece of flash fiction.-TMW] I surveyed the … Continue reading

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DREG: 9 Little Known Facts

Though you may have only heard of my novel DREG in the recent weeks, it has been around for a long time. The creation of DREG began in the 80s, a comic based on the character was released in the … Continue reading

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The Cool New Word I Picked Up off the Street

[I put this piece on Facebook  last year and I am sharing it here for new friends who may have missed it.-TMW] I was at the 7-11 around the corner from my house. I had just made a purchase and … Continue reading

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I have been an author since the 80’s and a professional one since the 90’s. I was never that bothered by how other authors conducted themselves. But now in the age of social media and blogs, authors have the ability … Continue reading

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