Behind Gate 4

Gate 4 is an ongoing horror serial that features monsters and characters from most of the short stories I have written over the years. There are plenty of new horrors I could pursue. So why dust off some old demons and straighten their ties? I have a few reasons for this series:


  1. TV BABY! I have been flirting with the television market for a few years, and figured I would tailor this as an ongoing horror soap opera. The chapters are presented as 30 to 45 minute episodes. I structure the tales as such. If I were to ever develop Gate 4 for the screen, it would be a smooth adaptation.


  1. PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS People comment that my short stories are superior to my longer pieces. So each episode is written in the 4500 to 5000 words range which is the sweet spot people find in my work.


  1. TOO MANY SEQUELS My stories never really end. They just stop. Readers ask me to bring characters back. Billy Monroe. The Rose Man. Paul Marrane. Weaving them all into one storyline gives me an opportunity to further their tales in one place. Where most stories stop, Gate 4 will resume.


  1. A WRITER WRITES Staying on top of an ongoing series keeps my shiny pale butt at the keyboard. I have a mountain of story notes taped to the walls and I have a self-imposed deadline of one to two episodes a month. If you don’t exercise those muscles, they’ll turn to flab.


  1. IT’S ALL CONNECTED Every main universe story (sorry, no Night Things allowed) has at least one clue to the mystery behind the gate. It wasn’t intentional. I planted the seeds for this without consciously trying.


  1. IT’S FUN! Hey, if it ever becomes a job, I’ll probably hate it. I’ve never been one to pander. If it puts a smile on my face, I’ll write it. If it also puts a smile on your face, bonus!


Gate 4 has 3 episodes ready to read and 2 more currently available for pre-order!

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