Axes of Evil

Axes of Evil

Axes of Evil

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Feature’s Terry’s story, Hardcore Crust (first appearance).

Carnage. Blood. Damage. Diatonic scales. Bone shards. Blast beats. Chaos. Chromatics. Gore. Guitars. Diabolism. Double bass. Riffs. Wreckage. Monsters. Music.


An original anthology of heavy metal-themed horror stories, edited by music journalist (Metal Hammer) and author Alex S. Johnson


Lucy Taylor, Bram Stoker Award-winning author for The Safety of Unknown Cities

Sèphera Girón, author of over 15 published books, including The House of Pain and Borrowed Flesh

Terry M. West, author of What Price Gory, director of the cult classic horror film Flesh for the Beast

Del James, author of The Language of Fear, music journalist, songwriter (Guns N’ Roses, Testament, etc.)

And 30 more of the finest writers in the horror field today.

I have determined that this astounding collection of horror is not merely an anthology but a coded Grimoire of magic. –Robin Dover

As a reader and avid horror fanatic, I often find myself saturated with supposedly great horror fiction only to be let down by the quality. With this anthology, I got everything I could possibly want; Horror and Metal. Thirty-four stories with bite and balls make this a must read. Axes of Evil isn’t just a book; it’s an epic tome of brutality.—Dale Herring

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