A Psycho’s Medley Audio-Book

pm spotA Psycho’s Medley Read by Larry Anderson. Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc., presents a blood-soaked collection featuring some of the most disturbing horror fiction that author Terry M. West has ever written! These stories revolve around the human monster known as the psychopath. West closely examines the twisted souls and crimson fantasies of these killers. Take this journey through terror that is all too real and you may never feel safe again! This collection includes the never before seen story “A Psycho’s Medley”, “The Night Out” (a finalist for an International Horror Guild Award for a short story), the brand new story “Morsel”, “Traiteur” (the short story that would become the novel Dreg), ” Waiting for the Thunder”, and the newly expanded novelette, “Hair And Blood Machine” (which made the 1999 preliminary ballot for a Stoker Award for long fiction).

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